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Looking at condos for sale is a time consuming and potentially overwhelming task if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Working with a realtor who specializes in condo sales is crucial if you want help navigating the many different facets of condo selling and buying. Not all real estate agents have the expertise to facilitate condominium sales. Significant details in the buying and selling process can very easily slip through the cracks causing a sale to fall apart, usually at the last minute.

If this happens it can leave both buyers and sellers thousands of dollars out of pocket. A condo specialist like Catherine Richardson will prevent many problems from ever happening.

Catherine is the official Team Leader at Condo Connections and she has been selling real estate in Stamford since 1998. She is very well respected amongst her peers has always been a top-producing real estate agent doing what she loves- helping people achieve their dreams. Over the years Catherine realized that she cannot be all things to all people and from that though “Condo Connections” was born.

Homeowners in Stamford have made Catherine and her team the official local real estate brokers for their property because they get results.

Who Should Buy a Condo?

Condos are a great choice for first-time buyers, empty nesters who may want to travel, professionals who devote a lot of time to their jobs or really anyone who does not want the responsibility or the time commitment of taking care of a single family home with a yard to maintain. Catherine and the real estate agents at Condo Connections will work with you to find the location and community that is right for you.

All condominiums have Homeowners Associations (HOA) and covenants, conditions, and restrictions (CC&Rs) governing what the owner must legally comply with and not every broker will know the details. New regulations might require some buyers to have additional insurance, Condo Connections will know this and their trained agents will conducts the reviews to insure the real estate is the right property for you.

Many people have cherished pets but the buyer might not know that the bylaws prohibit certain breeds or place weight restrictions on animals. All HOA’s are different and the agents at Condo Connections have the knowledge and understanding to help you through all the complex rules and regulations.

Another thing to consider is what changes that individual buyers are allowed to make to their units. Bylaws in the HOA are often very specific on what changes can and cannot be made with regards to individual units. It is important to research what types of modifications can be made to a unit before purchase and the agents at Condo Connections are experts at this very thing.

The Bottom Line

Condos are a unique type of real estate and it is important to have trusted real estate agents to help save time and hassle when considering the Stamford condo that is to be your future home. Real estate is a complex field and Catherine is the best at helping her clients achieve their goals and dreams.

Stamford is a vibrant and growing market with a diverse community and Catherine and her team of real estate agents have been helping clients buy and sell real estate there for almost two decades. Stamford is a great location to own a property and Condo Connections are the best at selling Stamford condos.

Call Catherine at her office or fill out a form online in order to learn more about buying or selling a Stamford condo. An agent at Condo Connections will gladly respond with details about all your realty questions.

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"We moved to Stamford from out of state so we didn't know anything about the area. Catherine was extremely helpful and knowledgeable about anything and everything about this area! Thanks for all the help! Katherine Ianni