buying a condo

Buying a Condo

A real-estate professional who does not specialize in condo sales may not be aware of the unique characteristics of buying a condo. Significant details in the buying process can very easily slip through the cracks causing a sale to fall apart, usually at the last minute. If this happens it can leave potential buyers thousands of dollars out of pocket and with many questions.

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Catherine Richardson is the Team Leader at Condo Connections and she has been selling real-estate in Stamford since 1998. She is very well respected among her peers has always been a top-producing realtor doing what she loves- helping people achieve their dreams. Catherine has come to realize that you can’t be all things to all people and from that thought “Condo Connections” was born. Catherine and her trained team now specializes in condo sales in Stamford, CT.

Who Should Own a Condo?

A Condominium is a great choice for professionals and travelers who do not want to live in a single family home. Buying a condo also works for a first-time buyer or someone who does not want all the responsibilities of property maintenance. Catherine and her team at Condo Connections will work with you and will be available to answer all your questions in order to find the location and community that is right for you and your family.

Condo Specifications

Bylaws in the HOA (Homeowner’s Association) are often very specific on what changes can and cannot be made with regards to individual units. It is important to research what types of modifications can be made to a unit before purchase and the specialists at Condo Connections are experts at this very thing. Condo Connections excels at making the difficult buying process as painless as possible as they navigate the many complexities and nuances of condo buying.

Avoiding Problems with Condos

Catherine and her team have the time to focus on the financial strength of a condo association. Condo Connections will ensure that the condo associations are in a strong financial position.

There may be other costs involved with buying a condo, like something as simple as buying parking. Catherine and her team of specialists investigate all fees involved. Even though all HOAs have insurance, the buyer might need to buy additional coverage. It is also important to note if the association is self-managed or if there is a management company contracted to run the condos. All these tiny details and variables are covered by Condo Connections and can make the buying of your new condo a pleasant experience.

Pets are treasured members of the family yet many HOAs have strict bylaws regarding what breeds of animals are permitted. Sometimes there are even weight restrictions to adhere to, which the owner is legally responsible for complying with.

Every condominium has different amenities included in common charges. Is parking included? How about heat and hot water? Is there an amenities charge? These details are important to know before becoming an owner.

The Bottom Line

Condos are a good investment for many looking to buy. They are an ideal buy for first-time homeowners, professionals, travelers or those looking to downsize. An expert real estate agent is needed to help buy a condo as they are different than a single-family home. Catherine and her team at Condo Connections do their due diligence and check out all the details involved with condo ownership.

Condo Connections will inform any buyers looking to invest in the Stamford market about financial institutions willing to finance the purchase of a condo. Condo Connections specializes and monitors the myriad of variables associated with condos so the process is smooth and pleasant.

Stamford is a beautiful and growing market and Catherine Richardson has been selling real estate there for 20 years. She is dedicated and very experienced with helping buyers and sellers alike.

Call her office for more info or fill out a form at for more information on buying a condo. She will gladly answer any questions you have about buying and selling your condo.

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"We moved to Stamford from out of state so we didn't know anything about the area. Catherine was extremely helpful and knowledgeable about anything and everything about this area! Thanks for all the help! Katherine Ianni

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